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Reserve a Range

Please follow these steps:

1. Check the Club Calendar to see if your desired dates and times are currently available.

2. Print and fill out the Range Reservation Form

3. Submit the above form and total range rental fees per the Dues & Fees schedule.

4. When the completed Range Reservation Form AND range fees are received, you will be scheduled on the calendar.

If you are not on the calendar, your event, likewise, is not on the schedule. If you require an invoice before fees can be paid, make that clear during the request. An invoice is not the same as "payment received".

5. BVRPC is not in the business of building and providing target frames. Please provide your own, or for an additional $25/day, you may rent the Club's TacStrike systems. These include 2"X2" sticks, stands, wooden barricades and rifle-rated steel targets.

Minimum safe distance for steel targets is 7 yards for handgun and buckshot, and 50 yards for carbine and slugs.

NO PENETRATOR or AP AMMO is to be used on Club Steel targets.

6. The Training Range is the default range for all training activities. There is a full 50 usable yards and the expectation is to park vehicles on the range. The Training Range may be reserved on short notice.

7. The other Club ranges are available for event rental with a five day minimum lead time. If you submit a rental request for a range other than the Training Range- and the date is less than five days before your event-it will automatically be rejected. Requests for either the Combat Range or the Trap Range will be charged at double the normal rate, as the rental of one of these shuts down the other range for the duration.

8. All entities WILL pay the appropriate range fees for the privilege of renting Club ranges- NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. If your event is not on the Training Calendar, your event is not authorized. If you conduct your event on a range without Club approval, you are trespassing on Club Property.

10. The Indoor Range may not be rented on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mail the completed form and funds payable to "Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club" to:


Att: Pistol Executive

505 Constitution Blvd

Beaver Falls, PA 15010

If you have other questions about reserving a range, send an email including all contact information to:







Range Reservation and Training Range questions: