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Membership Meeting: 2nd Monday of the month, 8PM

ATTENTION- Exception:

The May Membership meeting will be held the FIRST Monday (May 4th) as a majority of the e-board will be attending the annual 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg.


NEXT ORIENTATION: (The scheduled 21 Feb Orientation has been moved to next Sat, 28 Feb due to inclimate weather)

Please Bring Eye & Ear Protection!


2015 Membership Questions, New Memberships & Orientation:

If you sent in an application prior to receiving the one in the newsletter, be assured, it is being processed. When your check clears, that’s your confirmation.

We only have one membership secretary, and this is his busy time of year with over 1,055 applications to process. Keep in mind, we’re all volunteers. He just can not respond to every little question that comes up. 99.9% of answers can be found on our website.  

To avoid confusion, we'd like to make you aware that since we are approaching the busy membership renewal season, along with the holidays, we will not be processing any NEW membership applications until February.

The next orientation for new members will be scheduled for February. Need I say it again, check the website for time and date. It will be there as the date draws closer.


Our objective at the Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club is to promote organized shooting sports among legal United States residents who reside in Beaver County and surrounding areas. We achieve this by providing range facilities for the safe use of rifles, shotguns and handguns for organized leagues and events, and also for those not involved in organized shooting activities.

Additionally, we provide training programs for new shooters and support local law enforcement by making our facilities available to them for training and qualification testing.

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